Fiber optic supply

  • LEADERNET is an approved partner and installer for Corning Fiber.
  • Supply of the correct cable in order to meet the requirements of the project wherever in the world. Adherence to international standards .
  • Cables designed with anti-rodent, direct burial and waterproof protection, resistant to microbes and with LSZH Polyethylene covering.
  • Loose tube, tight buffer & breakout configurations.

Supply of optical distribution frames, straps, etc.

  • Distribution frames .
  • Straps.
  • Couplers.
  • Cases .
  • Torpedoes.
  • Coils .
  • Top Ground.


Network electronics

  • Supply of network electronics for industrial network performance.
    • Switches.
    • Routers, xDSL, GSM, GPRS, 3G.
    • Ethernet Converters - series RS-XXX.
      • Industrial format. 
      • 19” format.
  • OPC Servers for Scada.